Tech N9ne: aka Techa Nina, the “Kansas City King,” or just plain Aaron Yates

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“Shit, I don’t know. 39th and Prospect’s what the sign said. I think we in Kansas City, Missouri, man.”

-Tech N9ne, “Kansas City Shuffle”


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Remember that song “Slacker?” Or how about “Caribou Lou” – you know, “151 rum, pineapple juice, Malibu, Caribou, make them all numb…?” Sure you do. Those oldies, but goodies. More recently, Tech N9nes’s 2014 release “Strangeulation” boasted album sales within the top five across America. Born and bred in Kansas City, Mo., Tech N9ne (nee Aaron Yates) rose to become THE champion of independent rap artists. As in, no other indie rapper in history can touch his success. Yates never met his father, lived with his chronically ill mother and started rapping as a child. He was only able to remember how to spell his full name… if he rapped it.


The self-sufficient and ambitious artist began his career in several musical groups – The Black Mafia, The Regime, Nnutthowze – before cofounding his record label Strange Music in 1999 (side note: Strange is at present worth nearly $70 million). Tech N9ne’s super-fast spit is known as “Chopper” style, which, like the rapper himself, originated in the Midwest. His style and beats earned national recognition from fans to musicians alike, and he claimed a Woodie award in 2009 ranking the fourth fastest rapper – ever.


Oh, but fame and fortune haven’t caused Tech N9ne to forget his roots! You’ll catch shout-outs to Kansas City in nearly any of his songs, and it’s graced titles like “KC Tea” and “Kansas City King.” Releasing his fifth album in 2015, Tech N9ne still has time to party with his fans. The many lucky Kansas Citians are more than willing to spill juicy details of boozing and toking with the wild and crazy – but SO nice! – rapper.