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What long-forgotten history lurks in our buildings, restaurants and parks or along our streets and boulevards?

Every place has a story to tell.

Kansas City, fresh-squeezed daily. Almost two centuries ago, we were an overly ambitious river town set on hurling itself into prosperity. We are still that same town, full of vigor and grit, with a desire to define and redefine ourselves. Here at Squeezebox, we love our city, its culture and people, its strengths and weaknesses, and its past, present, and future. We aim to unravel and excavate Kansas City's urban layers, and celebrate our city’s undying ferocity to be itself.

Squeezebox offers a comprehensive look at Kansas City neighborhoods from the people to the booze, from the landmarks to the culture, from the streets to the history. Here, you’ll find everything from little-known anecdotes about our past to the history behind your favorite watering hole, park, cemetery, theater, and more.

Every place has a story to tell. And Squeezebox aims to tell it.



A cast of characters has called Kansas City home, running the gamut from visionaries to vagrants, and often somewhere in between.


Artist haven, the most fountains west of Rome, birthplace of jazz, and underdog sports: Kansas City is home to a lot of great things.


From barbeque to Euro finger food, Kansas City’s not just a “Cowtown” at the dinner table, and the ribs aren’t the only ones getting sauced.


With fancy fountains in city parks and trails traversed by Lewis & Clark, Kansas City offers up natural beauty in town and all around.


Kansas City is built on history. Whether an Art Deco skyscraper or a Civil War battleground, even the one-level structures have multiple stories.

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