McConahay Building

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The McConahay building in Kansas City was adopted into the National Register of Historic Places for its exemplary tapestry-brick styling. Tapestry-brick “came in assorted colors, from purples, olive greens, and blues to deep russet and chamois with a rough finish, designed to catch the light and create a warm glow. These colors were meant to be alternated across a wall, imparting a decorative, patchwork effect (hence the name tapestry) throughout the finished building,” according to the Old House Journal. However, it is not only the building alone that is such a treasure in the city, but also its first residents. For the year following McConahay’s completion, one Laugh-O-Gram Studios occupied an office within. This studio was the product of a very young Walt Disney, where he first began creating animated shorts like Cinderella and Alice’s Wonderland, the very foundation of his later (and much more famous) Disney works.