Our Friends Should Be Your Friends.

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It’s good to have good friends. And at Squeezebox, we particularly dig those friends who love our city as much as we do.


Enter the Phantoms of KC– our mysterious pals who deal solely in celebrating Kansas City. Their mission? Breaking down the city’s “inferiority complex.” They host incredible social events throughout the year – speaking of which, check the Phantom calendar for an upcoming private whiskey tasting with Ryan Maybee, Co-Founder of J. Rieger Whiskey Co., Dec. 19.  First-up in 2015? A co-hosted event at Ca Va with Phantoms and yours truly.  Happy Hour and historic KCMO trivia.  What more could ya desire?


Check calendar here


The #squeezecrew rounded up some fascinating facts for our KC Trivia Contest event during our launch party on Aug. 9 at the glorious Savoy Hotel, and then handed off the mic to Phantom co-founders Kemet and Brian. Wonderful hosts, they were – and you bet we’re looking forward to more fun and fabulous collaboration at Ca Va on Jan. 8, 2015!


Interested in becoming a member of Phantoms of KC? Click HERE


We’re continuing to make strong connections with members of the Kansas City community. Check back soon for some new additions!