Don Cheadle

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Hotel Rwanda, method acting, Golden Globe award winner, Crash, Boogie Nights


Don Cheadle

Multi-award winning actor Don Cheadle was born in Kansas City, Mo. He and his family moved often in his formative years, and Cheadle graduated high school in Denver, Co. This talented guy entered a television career directly from his theater degree at the California Institute for the Arts.  His breakout role into the full-length film biz: Mouse Alexanders in “Devil in a Blue Dress,” sharing the screen with one Mr. Denzel Washington.


Cheadle’s career continues to evolve as the actor gains awards and recognition and takes on challenging roles; his devotion to truly becoming his character is well-known throughout Hollywood. He’s slept over on set (“Mission To Mars”), visited the Hotel des Milles Collines in Rwanda, the site which inspired the film “Hotel Rwanda” – and after starring in said film, became an avid activist for Darfur in Sudan.


A few of his notable films? “Traffic,” “Crash,” “Hotel Rwanda,” “Hotel for Dogs,” The “Ocean’s” trilogy, “11,” “12,” and “13” and “Boogie Nights.” He’s holder of many an award, from any institution as the Broadcast Film Critics Association, to BAFTA,  to the BET Movie Awards, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award nomination.


And, true to his Kansas City jazz roots, Don Cheadle plays a real mean saxophone.