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The “Scream Queen,” Stepford Wives, The Hills Have Eyes, E.T., Washington High School, University of Kansas



Dee Wallace Stone


Kansas City’s own “scream queen,” Dee Wallace Stone has appeared in almost 90 films, anything from “The Stepford Wives” (1975) to “The Hills Have Eyes” (1977). She earned her moniker as “scream queen” after starring in several popular horror movies. She’s best known for her role in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (1982) as Elliott’s mother. Before her stardom, Wallace grew up in Kansas City, Kan. She earned a degree in education at the University of Kansas and taught acting and drama throughout the 1970s at Washington High School on Leavenworth Rd. True to her good ol’ Midwestern roots, Wallace makes generous time to sign autographs and take photos during horror-show conventions.