Burnham-Munger Manufacturing (S.A. Maxwell Co.)

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612-616 central


Pillars of Kansas City, Mo.’s, garment district, partners James Burnham and Willis Munger, operated multiple businesses in the area, including BM Manufacturing, Burnham Hannah Munger Dry Goods Co. and Burnham-Munger Manufacturing. Philanthropist Burnham held the director’s post in the city’s Commercial Club, sat as commissioner of the Park Board and founded another dry goods company in Detroit, MI.


The five-story red brick manufacturing plant building on Central Street once housed 700 sewing machines, its workers producing pants, overalls, shirts and rompers. Burnham and Munger created Fitz Brand work clothing, the zero-collar flannel shirt, and Aladdin rainproof cloth (for hunting), all of which were exclusively fabricated in Kansas City.


After Burnham-Munger vacated the Central Street plant, Illinois-based S.A. Maxwell & Co. moved in. Founded in 1833, the company manufactured and sold a variety of stock, including wallpapers, paints, hardware, even endeavoring into publishing for a short time.


Today, Atriums West calls 612 Central St. home., with an open, central atrium, and featuring 41 residential units for sale and lease.