Barton Brothers Shoe Company Building

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609 Central


The land previously occupied by Seamans and Benedict – makers of the classic Remington typewriter – was acquired by the Barton Brothers Shoe Company, and the six story brick building (originally five, with a later addition) that still stands today saw completion in 1896. The Barton manufacturing plant was located on the nearby corner of 8th and Washington Streets. The Barton Brothers company – who also produced hats and other garments – owned several buildings in the heart of the wholesale/garment district of Kansas City, MO., which spanned West 7th to West 10th Streets and Washington to East Central Streets.


This historic district was a hub of production (manufacturing overalls, rompers, hats and furniture – to name a few) from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s. The architectural styles of the structures in the area  reflect the time span. The city boasted such a large output that it was said one of every seven garments purchased in the United States originated in Kansas City – both in design and manufacture.


The Barton Brothers building, located just where Wyandotte and Central Streets merge into one (hence the double address), would later be purchased by Vista Construction Co. and RHW Co., along with the old Trade Exchange building and the Burnham-Munger-Root Dry Goods Co. building. The pioneering companies converted the structures to lofts, which unfortunately saw little demand at that time. A reconversion in 1989 (a mere three years later) resulted in the Historic Suites of America Hotel, a luxurious inn catering primarily to extended-stay guests. The hotel remained in business until 2004, at which time the companies transformed the buildings again when the demand for loft living finally arose in the city, turning 609 Central into its present-day incarnation:  the Atrium Condominiums.